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OTO Film has been working constantly in the Polish and international markets for 23 years.

Even more.


We have seen those markets evolve and change creatively. And of course financially. Our ambition has always been to embrace and lead these trends. Without compromising. NEVER forgetting the quality of the filmmaking we are dedicated to. We work intimately with a very broad range of clients to realise those ambitions.

With the help of a key production team which has remained with us for over 15 years. With profound collective understanding of what different clients from very different markets, expect of their producers. And what the most creative director talent needs to realise their visions. We don't fear our changing world. To continue to be a top drawer filmmaker, we welcome and cherish it.





Though it's hard to believe the core of our crew has been with OTO since the very beginning.

The rest of us "just" for 10 years!





Does Poland still sound to you  like a black hole in the middle of Europe?

You will be surprised by the diversity of locations, cast, professionalism of the crews - still for genuinely reasonable prices - all combined with traditional Polish hospitality and friendliness.


Studio Filmowe OTO sp. z o.o.

Puławska 22

02-512 Warszawa

 T: +48 22 542 86 86